When and Where to Use Cloud Backup

Even though cloud backup solutions can be extremely cost-effective, they are not suited for every business. There are many firms that will have to rely on tape, servers, and other traditional solutions for the foreseeable future.

Cloud backup works best for smaller enterprises with small amounts of data. It can also work well for dispersed organisations with many offices or locations or large numbers of work-at-home employees.

Start-up enterprises in particular can benefit from cloud backup because of its lower costs. The company doesn’t have to invest in an expensive onsite backup until it is actually needed. Some start-up organisations can even get by without having a brick and mortar location by taking advantage of a cloud backup.

Net-based businesses and those in information services should definitely consider cloud backup because it is more cost-effective. Larger companies and those with large facilities may actually be better served by a traditional tape backup. There are also some industries where the law requires a tape backup.