What Nanotechnology Could Mean for the Human Race


Technology has been experiencing an exponential rate of growth, and the latest developments in the sector shows just how far things have come. Scientists in the field of nanotechnology have been working on robots that are small enough for any application. Labelled “nanobots”,these new robots could potentially have many useful applications.

Bringing medicine into the future

Applying nanotechnology within the medical field is something that could have a profound impact on our lives. Scientists are researching the implications of injecting nanobots into the body to seek out and destroy malicious cells, and even perform surgery at a molecular level.

Another potential use for nanobots within the medical industry is to administer medicines much more accurately and quickly. Sending a robotic cell to target an area and inject treatment into the source could ultimately see a large reduction in treatment times.

The evolving body

Imagine enhancing the human body beyond its current evolutionary state. Researchers have expressed the possibility that nanobots could be used to carry exponentially large concentrations of oxygen throughout the body, thereby increasing performance, endurance, and stamina.

Beyond this, nanotechnology could also aid with the strengthening and repair of muscle tissue.

Fixing the environment

This may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Nanorobots could be deployed to assist with the cleanup of oil spills, or even the clean up of smog and air pollution at a molecular level. Water purification could also be a matter of immersing nanobots in the liquid to destroy the bacteria found within.

The application of nanotechnology is undergoing extensive research and development, with scientists continuously discovering new potential uses for nanobots. Once the domain of science fiction movies, it seems that it’s now a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ we will see tiny robots designed to improve our lives.