Top Five Business Phone Features

Having a smart business phone system with the right features will help improve customer service and all direct business communications. By getting a new one, or upgrading to one it also gives the company a more professional approach to all customer phone interaction. It helps with many aspects of the business, including customer service, tech support, payments over the phone, sales, and other important call types.

There are a few specific business phone features that are also important and must be included. They address key needs and demands of the business and add convenience to both the company and the caller as well.

Answer your business phone from your mobile so you never miss an important business call

It is important not to miss important business calls just because there was no one to answer, or it went to the wrong end (dropped calls, no call waiting, wrong department, etc.). Extending a business phone to direct numbers and mobile phones (with limits of course) achieves two things: keeping the mobile number private to a point, while being able to accept important calls direct from the business line.

The call is already properly identified and can be addressed promptly by the specific person. Likewise, calls that may have gone through the public lines can go directly to the mobile number as long as it is properly identified and the person notified.

Send incoming calls to the next available phone in a group of phones (great for when you’re short staffed, on lunch breaks, busy with other customers or the office is unattended)

This is also in line with not missing important phone calls, while giving more freedom to the staff. It’s a double feature in one as well, for as long as there will be someone to cover the call.

This feature will automatically forward the call to a qualified staff or call centre phone agent when the receiving department or line is either busy, unattended, unavailable, or even if the department is closed at that specific time (for other countries or time zones). It redirects to another phone, an offshore support staff, or to another group with available phone personnel without any manual switch or the need to speak to an operator.

This is invaluable and will make sure calls are answered no matter what. The business will benefit from having a good system that takes care of all callers and makes sure their inquiries are met and fulfilled.

Set a different ring tone for your VIP clients – great for priority service

VIP clients and business partners can get priority call status when they call by identifying them through different ring tones, or by using a different setting. It lets them get through long wait times and direct to the person or department that they need. This also applies to certain callers with priority cases or issues, enabling short cuts to wait times and options. This is an invaluable option to have for certain businesses, such as customer service and financial companies. This is also applicable for those who have larger phone networks with priority callers who do not need to go through their public phone line networks as well, either for important business calls or for business emergencies and priorities.

Play music or your latest specials while customers are on hold – let them know your latest offers

Keeping customers on wait or on hold can be more pleasant with prerecorded audio with ads, or even music. This is one way of putting out non obtrusive ads without any extra operational costs. It is also more exclusive to customers since it is only available or first heard of through their phone lines.
Depending on the type of call, ads can be customised. Callers will get to hear these phone ads since the full attention will be on the call as they wait. This also gives certain companies freedom to choose their type of music on hold.

Receive voice messages in your email, webmail or smart phone so you can stay up to date and reply to urgent calls quickly

This feature takes care of completing all replies and makes sure customers receive them and in their preferred manner. Whether it is by email, webmail, or via smartphone, it makes sure that all inquiries are received properly using the fastest and most effective method to send them out. This is also part of the idea of not missing calls, as it makes sure responses are sent directly to the caller, and make sure the concerns are addressed without being obtrusive.