VoIP facilitates voice and multimedia communication over the Internet instead of traditional landlines (PSTN). The technology rich in technical terms – and VoIP itself is referred to with a range of interchangeable names like IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband, IP communications, or broadband phone service.

The blogs listed here are great references for those who want to better understand VoIP, related technologies, and the current trends driving the growth and development of VoIP.

VoIP News


This blog is owned by Ziff David, Inc., and is a premier source worldwide for business VoIP information. It provides a news feed of interesting VoIP-related articles hosted on a number of sites, covering all aspects of the VoIP and Internet Telephony market for both small businesses and large enterprises. The blog has strong relationships with members of the VoIP community, and covers news, events and background information about VoIP, as well as information on IP PBX, hosted PBX, unified communications, and VoIP security.

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Jeff Pulver


Jeff Pulver is one of the VoIP pioneers and is the originator of the term “VON” which stand for Voice/Video on the Net. As well as blogging, he is a recognised thought leader, speaker and entrepreneur. During the period 1997-2008 he produced and hosted what was called “Von Conferences” which contributed to the worldwide acceptance of VoIP.

He has been involved in many start-ups, sometimes as the founder, at other times as co-founder, advisor or investor. Free World Dialup(FWD) was the first worldwide IP phone network. Others include the VON Coalition, Vivox and VoIP provider, Vonage. Jeff is currently the chairman of a company named Zula, which he co-founded.

The magazine BusinessWeek name Pulver one of their 2003 tech gurus and he was profiled by the Wall Street Journal in 2006. An expert of this level is a must-follow for all VoIP enthusiasts, even if many of his posts wander into different subjects, such as social media and personal situations.

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This blog covers practical tips for using VoIP for residential, business, or mobile purposes. Voxilla keeps up to date with new VoIP hardwares and technologies, and you will find information about new developments and technological contributions made by individual companies and service providers. There is also an active forum attached to the blog, for any burning questions you may be left with.

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3CX is the developer of a software-based PBX for Microsoft Windows which replaces proprietary phone systems. It also delivers a complete Unified Communications solution as it’s an open standard software based IP PBX which can be integrated with other applications running on Windows. As an innovator in the industry, 3CX has plenty of interesting information to share on VoIP. They have a series of practical VoIP how-to’s, as well as information for businesses on all aspects of telecommunications.

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VoIPWatch by Andy Abramson


This blog is run by Andy Abramson, the founder of Comunicano, Inc., a virtual marketing service agency. His blog tagline announces the blog as “My thoughts on The Internet of Everything technology, Travel Tech, Voice Over IP, Internet Based Communications and Video.” For 13 years Andy co-hosted “The World Technology Round Up,” a daily technology webcast, and he continues to have his finger on the pulse of all things tech.

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Mark Collier’s VoIP/UC Security Blog


This blog is run by Mark Collier, a professional security specialist who writes about voice, VoIP, Unified Communications, and collaboration security. A mixed bag of interests include his family, poker, exercise, and hacking UC/VoIP networks. He covers security breaches, new tools, and technologies in the industry. The site also lists a range of extra tools, videos, articles, books, and conferences that you can use to find out more.

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This is a wiki-style blog about all things VoIP. Its section ‘Getting Started’ is a useful place to look if you are confused about anything VoIP-related.  As well as covering all the basics, it covers topics like hardware, software, service providers, reviews, configurations, standards, and tips and tricks. The blog encourages people to add information to the page, and has a running feed of news and information posted on VoIP blogs around the web.

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Voice of VOIPSA


This is the blog of the Voice Over IP Security Alliance. VOIPSA’s mission is to drive adoption of VoIP by promoting VoIP security research, security education and awareness, and free testing methodologies and tools. The blog covers all sorts of technical topics in the VoIP arena, with a distinct security focus. The blog tagline states their mission is “collective thoughts and musings on the state of VoIP security today.”

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Channel Partners


This online magazine has a team of ten contributors, who have provided news and analysis for providers serving the communications industry for more than twenty years. The information they provide is particularly useful for providers of network-based communications and computing services, applications and professional services.

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VoIPshield develops specialised technology that protects modern Voice-over-IP networks against attacks from cyber criminals. Their blog and news sections cover all recent developments relating to VoIP security and security threats, as well as tips on how to bolster security.

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Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) is an educational and news resource in the communications and technology fields – including VoIP, IP communications, telecom, contact centers, and CRM. As well as this, the blog covers a vast range of topics, with no fewer than 80 blog categories listed on the homepage, ranging from e-commerce, security, and mobile technology, to consumer electronics, Google, Facebook, and speech technology. They have a range of contributors and three who cover VoIP regularly are Rich Tehrani, a VoIP industry expert, Tom Keating, who launched the first ever magazine covering VoIP, and Greg Galitzine, who has been Editorial Director of that magazine since its inception. Each of these have their own blogs on TMC.Net, which cover all aspects of VoIP extensively.

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Disruptive Telephony


This is one of several blogs run by Dan York, a writer and speaker on technology subjects. York works as a Senior Content Strategist for the Internet Society, and serves on the board of the global Voice Over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA). With a tagline of ‘Dan York on how Voice over IP is rewriting (almost) everything you need to know about telephony…’ it’s easy to see how passionate Disruptive Telephony is about the VoIP industry. It covers all sorts of VoIP apps and softwares, as well as thought-provoking opinions on the industry.

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Enterprise Networking Planet


This blog has sections on network security, networking resources, network software, WAN and LAN, data center, network management, network hardware, and unified communications.

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This blog publishes technical information about VoIP. Post categories include Business VoIP, Residential VoIP, Internet Phone, Cloud Communication, Wholesale, Equipment, Web Hosting and Faxing. This independent site reviews various VoIP providers.

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VOIP IP Telephony


This blog covers a wide range of topics related to VoIP, including IP PBX, Open Source VoIP, news, and free IP telephony solutions. An early 2015 post traces the history of wired telephone calls by commemorating the first transatlantic call made 100 years ago. Other topics include the status of net neutrality, the market trends of Android smartphones vs. Apple’s iPhone as well as the Apple release of its iOS version 8 operating system.

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This blog introduces itself as a cloud communications advisor with a mission to empower and enlist new and existing users into the VoIP market. It covers VoIP solutions, web conferencing, and related topics like cloud computing, unified communications (UC), and mobile VoIP.

The person behind GetVoIp is Reuben Yonatan who, in collaboration with a team of experts, seeks to deliver information like provider comparisons, service analysis, reviews, and breaking news. Their goal is to help consumers make the best decisions for their communication needs.

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SIPFoundry was founded in 2004 by Martin Steinmann, to develop a cloud based Communications as a Service (CaaS) solution. They collaborate with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, startups, universities and individual contributors to provide the best type of communications and collaboration solutions.

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no jitter


This site provides a daily commentary and analysis of the enterprise IP telephony, unified communications and converged networking world. It is produced by the same people who run Enterprise Connect events.

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VoIP Supply is supplier of VoIP solutions. The main contributor for their blog is Jeff Quinn, a product specialist for VoIP solutions. You can find links to downloadable guides on VoIP topics on their site, and

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Fierce Enterprise Communication


FierceEnterpriseCommunications provides up-to-date news articles on the IP communications industry. They boast an email list of more than 30,000 subscribers who stay in the loop with insider information in the industry with their bi-weekly updates.

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VoIP Innovations


This company calls its blog ‘the leading wholesale VoIP blog’. They offer a number of white papers on wholesale VoIP issues.

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Dr. VoIP


This blog is administered and written by Peter S. Boswell who has a background in founding, funding, and managing several industry-defining companies. It covers lots of technical subjects in the industry.

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Mr Blog


On his LinkedIn profile David Beckemeyer says he is an “Entrepreneur, inventor, software engineer, sometimes investor.” His blog categories includes business models, cloud computing, protocols, mobile technology, software development, telepresence, TV, and video.

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The Phoneboy Blog


Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy, a.k.a. ‘phone boy’, introduces his blog activities with the following words: “Nowadays, I sit in my virtual office and write about what I’m interested in, which includes: computers, telecom, VoIP Service, mobile phones, and many other forms of shiny gadgets.”

He describes himself as VoIP/Telco Curious, a C-List Information Security Celebrity, and a Mobile Phone Connoisseur. The blog is described as “Simplifying Telecom, Mobile Phones, Gadgets, and More!”. The blog content is published as a series of podcasts.

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Keeping up to date on VoIP

Reading blogs is a great way to stay on top of new technologies and trends in the VoIP industry. There is also a wealth of rich communication amongst VoIP experts, and looking to these blogs is a great start to get involved in the conversation. And of course, for more VoIP and technology news, be sure to check back to the Commander blog regularly!