NBN Annual Report 2015 – 2016

The annual report on NBN Co.’s developments and achievements were focused on three main elements: the roll out highlights, the focus on all NBN formats (Fixed Line, Multi Technology Mix, Fixed Wireless and Satellite), and Internal Operations including c...Read more

Top Five NBN Allies

The National Broadband Network as a standalone entity cannot fulfill broadband services on its own. First of all, its main product slash service is wholesale only, and this fact alone involves other smaller groups and organisations handling many of its as...Read more

NBN Satellite Tour Demo in Rural NSW

NBN’s Sky Muster Satellite’s first beneficiaries were 300 New South Wales farmers from their NSW roadshow last July. The Sky Muster was launched last year to supply wireless satellite NBN to over 400,000 residences, with 120,000 coming from NSW. A sec...Read more

Top Five NBN Future Application Scenarios

NBN’s high speed power and reliable connections are its two main strengths. Applied to our daily activities and operations, they empower and speed up our work, lives and businesses. There are also many other things besides these that can benefit from th...Read more

Top Five Industries that will benefit greatly from the NBN

The current NBN roll out is fully underway and sprawling across Australia. As more homes and businesses get connected, the benefits of having faster and more reliable internet are going to be seen as the network grows over the coming years. These advantag...Read more

Five Important NBN Terms to Know

Broadband Internet’s fast new format, the NBN, is already on its way for nationwide installation. It’s either already scheduled for installation, if not already present in the immediate local area. The ongoing copper line replacement is top priority, ...Read more

An overview of Australia’s fastest broadband – NBN

The NBN 101 The National Broadband Network is currently the country’s fastest commercial broadband format, with speeds of up to a maximum of 100 / 40 Mbps. Owned by Australian government, it was launched online through, which provides all t...Read more

What goes on in the NBN framework structure?

The National Broadband Network or NBN continues to roll out and become available nationwide. With the replacement of copper lines with its own network of fibre optic lines, comes the advancement of broadband internet connections with an enhanced network ...Read more

The Smart Home of the Future

With the rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), there has been a subsequent increase in the progress of home automation and related smart home technologies. What was previously an extremely expensive proposition or even just a fantasy, is now a very ...Read more

Tech Talent Falling Short of Demand in Australia

Australia has rapidly become a country of early adopters when it comes to technology and our digital economy now makes up 5.1 percent of our gross domestic product, having increased significantly from $50 billion in 2011 to $79 billion in 2013/14. Our rap...Read more