NBN’s wider nationwide coverage

NBN is now available outside the major cities and regions of Australia: the rural, regional, remote, outback, and offshore locations. This has helped with the development of many new aspects of rural living, including education, business, telecommunications, entertainment, as well as newer fields such as telehealth, e-commerce, online advertising, and many others.


Particularly, the development of Fixed Wireless NBN and Satellite NBN has made it possible for advanced telecommunications and fast, reliable broadband used for many applications for daily life, work, and businesses. Online communities such as BIRRR or Better Internet for Rural Regional and Remote Australia have formed to provide a public online resource exclusively for these regions.

We are in its initial phases, and are dealing with many issues for the first time. Unlike the more established NBN facilities and services in major cities and regions, many of these issues are based on wireless NBN services and the issues with access, performance, quality, and accessibility.

As well, we are beginning to see new changes with majority of online activity from these regions. We are not only providing equal NBN broadband to them, but also the same level of activities and online participation.

New developments

The launch of two Sky Muster satellites have increased coverage and quality reception even further, as well as more Fixed Wireless NBN facilities to service growing subscriber demand, particularly more mobile users within these regions.

Many of the newer fields that are seeing a boost are relatively new to these regions. For one, distant telecommunications has expanded coverage, allowing better reception and coverage reach that is now being applied to education, online businesses, and more involved online participation. Outback and Offshore broadband and communications are also expected to level with their major city counterparts.

Distance education is one of the main highlights. In the drive to provide equal quality complete education, students do not need to leave their vicinity or travel to remote schools. Students of all ages can access the same quality education with no restrictions as to location, time schedule and other constraints. Instructional courses do not have to be at a certain location and time, and can be made under one’s own pace and convenience.

Agricultural and other rural based businesses are to gain a lot from this wider NBN coverage as well. Many small businesses have started experiencing advantages in terms of online advertising and opening new markets to major cities and regions. Bigger markets and local sales are expected to go along with this increasing expansion. Along with this is a bigger participation for online communities and activities coming from these regions.

More mobile device users and online subscribers also have better distant telecommunications in previously uncovered areas. Soon, situations such as a medical emergency call using the NBN from the outback can be made to any point in the major cities. Ground research can send in images and reports within seconds without any need to physically go to these distant regions. Agricultural technology such as monitoring and dynamic tracking that use the NBN is now entirely possible.

As with many emerging technologies and NBN facilities, the initial phase may bring about issues which will be new. Major cities and regions primarily use fixed line variations of the NBN, and most of the known issues have become familiar and easily resolved. Regional issues will be identified, experienced and also duly resolved the same way. We already have online communities from these areas that aim to further improve the service, as well as provide support and information.


Better Internet for Rural Regional and Remote Australia (https://BIRRRAUS.com) is one of the first resources available for the further improvement of distant broadband. The NBN is the main focus as far as main connections go, but would not be the only broadband format discussed. The general idea of the site and its online community is for all types of activity that fall in these regions to be discussed, and to provide information for all aspects of distant broadband and telecommunications.
Topics such as optimisation, troubleshooting, e-commerce, distance education, online businesses, are some of the discussions that are focused on. #DataDrought #BushInternet #FixBushInternet are just some of the popular hashtags they use on social media to create awareness, bring more support, and compile all resources and information.

Of course general subscriber feedback is also well considered, as NBN takes note of the information and duly addresses these. The NBN Co. practices certain standards and policies to make sure it stays with global standards as well and to provide the best quality and performance possible for the leading broadband format in the country.