NBN’s Impact on Small Businesses

NBN broadband internet is now used by most local businesses. This has brought modernisation and improvements benefitting both customers and business owners. There is higher performance when it comes to telecommunications, access to data, data exchange, file transfers, streaming of multimedia, general and specific connectivity.


It also includes other activities such as online finance and bank activities, accessing Cloud and VPN based files and apps, online orders and advertising, among just about many other main functions used in business today. Its coverage is also an advantage, bridging co dependent new markets together and increasing telecommunications and advertising activities.

Aside from daily key operations, it also activates newer technologies. Smart machines for different types of businesses, remote view CCTV security systems, remote control devices, smartphone / phablet / tablet based apps; These disparate operations running side by side daily business activities are not entirely possible when using older broadband internet formats.

Local small to medium scale businesses have the most advantages from using the National Broadband Network. These groups have a bigger presence in the overall NBN wholesaler market (aside from NBN retailers). They are followed closely by the larger companies and corporate types using specific business NBN services. This is simply because it provides a faster and more reliable option for broadband services of all kinds.

Key Online Business Activities

NBN’s recent relationship with many local businesses has many key points. These are crucial and important daily operations. Most of these maximised advantages are more present in small to medium scale businesses. They have bigger numbers and are more common in terms of connections than other business types. The emphasis is that they keep up to date with many advanced technological and online elements, and have more direct consumer and customer relations. This means that it has more telecommunications and advertising elements.

It touches on business needs for apps, online orders, online advertising, frontline business communications, data exchange, data storage, research, daily operations, monitoring, security, Cloud and VPN facilities, and all manner of computer, laptop, and mobile device use.

Connectivity and speed are the biggest strengths of the NBN. It is a considerable change when compared to any other broadband format such as ADSL and Cable. The sheer speed rates of the NBN, whatever format whether Fixed Line, Fixed Wireless, or Satellite NBN, are the fastest on offer. It ranges from higher tier speeds of 100 / 40 Mbps, 50 / 20Mbps, 25 / 10 or 5 Mbps, and 12 / 1Mbps. This comes with a more reliable and more present NBN signal all throughout.

Telecommunications is the first and foremost element which is enhanced and sped up by the NBN.
This includes front line communications by phone, email, and other online communications.
Coverage area and scope of areas that can establish communications are other elements not widely reported, but are observed. The NBN offers the most preferred format for modern telecommunications, which depends on its speed and reliability. These are its two advantages over other broadband services.

Coverage area is also brought forth by the current wider reach of the NBN. This extends to rural and regional areas that now interconnect with all major regions and cities. This brings new markets back and forth, while establishing new ones in distant areas. E-commerce and modernisation are also felt and observed from these outer regions, as well as online-assisted opening of markets on both sides.

Online Money and Online Presence

Financial transactions and banking online are much faster and more reliable with NBN facilities. These financial activities are crucial for real time transactions, ensuring that any form of payments, fund transfers, sourcing of funds, timely payrolls and employee and job order payments are made at the right time.

Of particular interest is the use of online payments of all types, including online orders, subscriptions, regular payments, billing, fund sourcing, credit cards, paypal, online cash, and so on. The commercial applications for online payments made by computer and smartphone assisted apps and systems work faster with NBN connections now behind these transactions. This has made it possible for many online activities as well as increase of online commerce and e-commerce bringing new markets, and adding non-traditional methods of revenue to many local businesses.

Speaking of online activities, advertising and dynamic / loaded websites are two other avenues of online presence where the NBN is used to the businesses’ advantage. This is where extensive online marketing and advertising is pushed to the forefront of modern sites that have load-heavy dynamic content that are also adaptive to both its presentations to computers and macs, as well as smartphones, phablets, tablets, and laptops, or other portable computer types, adjusting according to the presentation format.

Frontline Communications

Specific business phone features are custom made for all types of business levels. Call waiting, prerecorded call menus and advertising, call forwarding to mobile phones (dedicated lines), voicemail keypad menus and functions; these are some of the more business specific functions that add professionalism to many businesses, from smaller companies to bigger corporate settings. This enhancement to front line communications is usually bundled with VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phones and NBN services.

These business phone features aim to put a professional touch to all direct and front line communications. They also direct the call to the proper person or department, eliminating dropped or misdirected calls. This ensures all types of business communications are handled properly and professionally. Sound business phone practices ensure no lost opportunities, as well as complete all manner of customer inquiries. It maximises the chances of turning all calls to potential businesses for the company, or opportunities to showcase its customer relations over the phone. More importantly, customers and all callers have positive feedback to all their communication experiences.