Your own NBN Road Muster vehicle

The NBN Road Muster is perhaps the ultimate NBN slash smart vehicle. It is state of the art smart car technology, with all terrain driving, and mobile NBN with Wi-Fi capability on wheels. It is better suited for travel of all sorts, from major cities to f...Read more

NBN and the 5G Mobile Phone Revolution

5G smart phones and their impending domination in the mobile and wireless markets; what do these have to do with the National Broadband Network? Well, apparently, a lot. 5G and NBN are silent partners for mobile wireless access and super-fast broadband, e...Read more

NBN’s Impact on Small Businesses

NBN broadband internet is now used by most local businesses. This has brought modernisation and improvements benefitting both customers and business owners. There is higher performance when it comes to telecommunications, access to data, data exchange, fi...Read more

NBN Top Five Most Likely Subscribers

For NBN retailers and business people, it pays to know your customers and subscribers. This is by recognising their issues and concerns and knowing how they use the service. The NBN Co. and retailers respond to these by adapting measures or innovation; By...Read more

NBN and 5G – A Future together

The National Broadband Network uses LTE 4G technology for their Fixed Wireless and Satellite NBN formats. In the span of a few years, its next level, 5G was introduced, claiming 7GBps (Gigabit per second) speeds over a 100km/h rate, an improvement from an...Read more

NBN and Access Economy

Access is the new ownership. The National Broadband Network and Access Economy business model is just one of the new economic correlation-ships that have sprung in the digital and online market. It carries a unique economic model that allows properties an...Read more

FTTC with XG.Fast for the Future

NBN may have another ace (or two) in the pocket for Multi Mix NBN: FTTC, or Fibre to the Curb, used with XG.Fast technology. This is an important development for cases where either a pure fixed line NBN, or wireless format cannot be installed. It is also ...Read more

NBN Top Five Reasons it’s the ultimate broadband format

Many other broadband internet formats have been introduced to the ISP markets over the years: dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, Cable, 4G, and now fibre based broadband, or more commonly known locally as NBN, the National Broadband Network. Where many other older form...Read more

NBN’s wider nationwide coverage

NBN is now available outside the major cities and regions of Australia: the rural, regional, remote, outback, and offshore locations. This has helped with the development of many new aspects of rural living, including education, business, telecommunicatio...Read more

NBN: An Investment in Fibre Optics and Future Broadband

Investing in the NBN has many facets. It is aimed at revenue generation, and also quality of service, and operational standards. Its main investors include the Federal Government, internal stakeholders, businessmen, retail service providers, and the commo...Read more