NBN Top Five Advertising Advantages

NBN may be the most suitable broadband format for modern advertising and business. When we speak of modern advertising, most of it is accessed through different devices and telecommunications: We have smartphones, smart gadgets, broadband TV, and computers. Using the NBN, we benefit from its speed, reach and coverage. It takes advertising for the digital format even further.

The N in NBN stands for network, and its network is growing at a fast rate with the current roll out. This is another major advantage, including its drive for increased web traffic. If we consider all of its advertising connections, we will be able to use them to our advantage for work and business. Here are five advertising advantages we will get when we are in the (NBN) network.

Dynamic Email

One common form of digital advertising is by email, or dynamic email to be precise. But not all online audiences can view these properly without long loading times unless they use NBN. Most emails are light in data and are condensed appropriately in order to hasten its presentation and loading times. This is where email advertising loses some of its audience.

Most email ads don’t have all the embedded heavy content and streaming elements to make sure it is easily accessed across all types of broadband formats. It allows ads to be presented as intended, without long loading, wait times, regardless of what device is used.

With NBN, content-rich email advertising and promotions will easily load and complete, and across all devices and platforms. This includes streaming media or downloads. All elements of the email are presented in its original form which makes it more effective.

Heavy content websites

Just the same, websites with heavy content that carry external ads or house the whole advertising or promotion will only work with high speed broadband, and more so with NBN; For the same reasons, they are created and used for certain services, products, campaigns, and promotions. They were specifically built for extensive presentations for clients, properly presenting their product, as well as for their audience who can receive and access the site in the complete and correct way.

The whole effectivity of a site’s layout, art direction, presentation and content (especially images, dynamic media, and streaming media) depends on its complete presentation. The whole package must be delivered properly to the receiver, so to speak. Long loading times that result in less full views and closed pages defeat the purpose of well-crafted sites. That said other sites that are similar are more effective with second and third party ads and web traffic when accessed via NBN.

Smartphone and other smart gadgets

One of the advantages of advertising and the NBN is taking claim on the territory of smart and mobile devices. To date, the increasing number of smartphones also count for an increasing number of access and web traffic and is still growing. Most advertising and web traffic from this format come from online browsing and apps.

Mobile users with the NBN service make advertising and web traffic it faster and more convenient to use. This translates to more target markets, not to mention better and faster presentation, unlike accessing it on regular broadband.

With this kind of strategy, we can cover both computers and mobile devices with advertising and advertising content for a bigger target market and wider reach than before. The best of both worlds are used with this method. This is also the same with many online material and digital publications across platforms.

Wider coverage, wider revenue potential

We spoke of even wider coverage, and this is fast gaining around Australia. With even more fixed wireless NBN and Satellite NBN becoming more available, more rural, regional, remote, and even outback and offshore locations will join us online, and open more new advertising and promotion markets.

To date, we have early success stories of people from rural and distant areas receiving good points on advertising and networking using the NBN. It has brought their small businesses on a larger, national scale, when before it was only localised. This method works two ways, as it enables residents from these areas to advertise to the rest of the country, while digital and online advertising of all sorts from major cities and online regions now count these areas among their advertising target markets.

Internet TV, Multimedia and graphics

There is a huge share of advertising and web traffic from premium content today. This means bigger files in HD. This is one of current the online trends, and can be seen in HD and 4K streaming video or multimedia, 360 view media, real time HD live streams, high resolution images as well as audio. In order to access these and have all advertising and web traffic systems work in these sites, NBN must be used for speed. As mentioned its reach and coverage is another big factor that increases the total target audience.

While most Internet TV services don’t include advertising and commercials, there are other formats where ads and web traffic systems are included. YouTube alone generates many ads and even creates revenue from plays directly payable to the artist and creators. With NBN, access is increased with faster load times to service many subscribers.