Where is the NBN Available?

shutterstock_88451932The National Broadband Network (NBN) aims to have high download speeds available to all Australians by 2019, but for some areas Internet users are already reaping the benefits.

Overall, Australia has approximately 120,000 premises where work has started on the NBN. Much of these premises lie within new housing developments, which appear to be getting in first due to NBN Co’s team being able to fit wiring into open trenches rather than having to dig up existing ones.

All in all, the current rollout plan covers 758, 100 premises, with more construction set to be added to the list over the year.

Areas in which the NBN are already active include: Gosford, Armidale, Franklin, Kiama, Coffs Harbour and some areas of Darwin City. A full list is available on the NBN Co website.

How to check to see if you can access the NBN

To check to see if you are one of the areas soon to receive the NBN, visit the NBN Co website to see an interactive map and to find further information. The map will explain the different stages of the NBN rollout, as well as highlight where the NBN is already available. If the name of your town appears on the rollout list, you can be sure to see construction commencing soon. Simply enter your address to find out what is happening around your area.

Note: If you checked the NBN rollout plan prior to the change in government, it is recommended that you check it again to see if plans for your area have changed. The Coalition has scaled back its national fibre rollout and many areas noted as ‘construction soon’ have been removed from the list. Around two-thirds of the areas previously marked as ‘construction commenced’ have been removed from the official maps. Many ready for service dates have also been revoked.

What to do if you see the NBN is available in your area

If the NBN is available in your area, browse the list of service providers and select your preferred one. Give the provider a call and ask about switching over to the NBN. There is a good range of packages available and the market is competitive, meaning you could secure yourself a great deal.

NBN Co itself doesn’t sell to the public, but your service provider should make the whole transferring process quick and easy.

Why switch to the NBN?

The NBN is affordable and fast and the future of Australian broadband. If your home or business is to be connected to the NBN by fibre, eventually the existing copper network used for landline phones and ADSL will be switched off in your area. This means that eventually, everyone in your area will be required to switch over so it’s a good idea to switch over early, while the market is still so competitive.