Microsoft Listens As Votes Pour In For Windows 10 Features


Image via PC World

In the past, Microsoft has shown its appreciation for feedback site ‘Uservoice’, having set up a Windows Phone Feature Suggestion Box. Now, as part of a Technical Preview program, it’s Windows 10’s turn to receive some feedback.

According to PC World, Microsoft is currently soliciting feedback for their latest version of Windows, having upset users with it’s “forced upon” release of Windows 8. Uservoice for Windows allows users to suggest new features for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, which Microsoft will closely monitor as they did with Windows Phone.

The way Uservoice works is simple: someone posts an idea for a feature not currently available in the Windows operating system, and others vote and comment on that idea. The most popular ideas are then forwarded on to Microsoft to consider.

Among the most popular ideas so far are:

Add tabs to File Explorer

A tabbed interface for File Explorer would allow Windows 10 users to get away from having multiple folders open and cluttering the desktop. Users could simply tab through different folders and if possible, view two tabbed folders in the same window.

According to the submission, “Every other OS has this feature and Windows is severely lagging behind.”

Make Windows Update a one-stop shop for all drivers

Despite Microsoft adding a mix of OEM drivers to its Windows Update service, Windows users are still having to dig around the web to find the latest drivers. A popular suggestion is for Windows Update to become a one-stop shop for stable drivers, while letting users download experimental or beta updates from the manufacturers.

Kill off all Aero-themed objects

Window users have been calling on Microsoft to redesign its iconography for years and one suggestion is to create icons similar to the “flatter” icons at the bottom of the screen in Windows 10. The flatter icons are a sign that Microsoft is in the process of changing their ancient iconography, but users are calling for them to do a total overhaul.

Bring back Aero Glass

In a total contrast to the third most popular suggestion, users are calling for Microsoft to bring back the Aero Glass themes from the Windows 8 Developer Preview. The window transparency was cut from the operating system to focus on improved battery life, but feedback suggests that most PCs are equipped to handle Aero Glass.

Add a Persian calendar

Garnering a large number of votes is the addition of a Persian calendar.

Make Windows free

With users not too happy with Windows 8, there’s a small possibility that Microsoft may make Windows 10 a free upgrade for Windows 8 and 7 users. The suggestion states that lowering the price of Windows or making it free would be in line with competitors Apple and Google.

Pin anything to the Start menu

Instead of just apps and programs, users are suggesting that anything be pinned to the Start menu as a way to quickly launch something, such as a document.

A new Notepad

The basic Notepad.exe application hasn’t really changed over time and users are calling for a better default application – something similar to Notepad++.

Update the Volume Mixer

Now used to speakers in tablets, computers, monitors and HDTVs, users think it would be good to set an external laptop speaker to chime when a new email is received, without interrupting another application.

Drag and drop apps

One suggestion that’s seeing momentum is to allow users to drag and drop applications between virtual desktops.