What Are the Main Types of Mobile Internet Devices?

shutterstock_130951505A mobile Internet device (MID) is a portable piece of technology capable of providing mobile wireless Internet access. At home or at work you most likely use a fixed Internet connection device whether it be a wireless broadband modem or simply dial up. These types of connection devices make use of a phone line, which means that you can’t bring them along to your favourite coffee shop or on your next interstate business trip to check your emails or read up on the news. While many places like cafes and hotels now provide Wi-Fi Internet so you can go online with your laptop or tablet, it’s not always free and you can’t guarantee the speed the security level of the connection.

If you are on the move a lot and need the convenience of the Internet regularly it may be worth investing in a portable device that provides you with a connection wherever you are. Here are a few devices that will get you online when you’re travelling:

Your phone

These days most smartphones come with internet. Mobile phones are able to connect to the web through mobile towers. You can also integrate your email account with your smartphone so you know directly when something is in your inbox. If you don’t want to be squinting at the small screen of your phone, you can use your laptop instead. By creating a personal hotspot with your phone you can then connect to the internet on your laptop.

Be aware of the data amount you have on your mobile phone plan as if it is quite small the charges for going over can be expensive. If you are likely to access the internet a lot through your mobile phone, it’s worth choosing a plan that offers you a high amount of internet data.

USB broadband

You can also use a USB stick that comes with a SIM card which allows you to connect via mobile broadband. The device can attached to your laptop at one of the USB hub terminals, allowing you to get online. The only downside to such a device is that it’s only usable on items with a USB hub. That means you won’t be able to use it on your tablet or phone.


Another alternative is a pocket 3G/WiFi hotspot device often called a “MiFi”. Again using mobile towers to create a broadband connection, this bit of tech works like your own portable WiFi modem. It’s battery powered and creates a small hotspot that multiple devices can connect to including your tablet or phone. Generally, there is a limit of five devices that can use the MiFi at once. The beauty of this is that you can meet up with a colleague for a quick business meeting anywhere, and have both your laptops connected to share things online. However, as a mobile internet device this is on the higher price range.