12 Tech Blogs to Read

There are thousands of technology blogs on the Internet. These range from personal tech blogs with small readerships, to major tech blogs that are updated hundreds of times every day and attract millions of readers. So which are the best tech blogs to read? This list of 12 includes some of the best and most popular tech blogs, covering everything from gadgets and social media to scientific breakthroughs in the tech industry.


1ZDNet is a business technology news website covering topics such as tech companies, hardware, mobile, security, IT research, and software. The site also incorporates content on topics as diverse as management strategy, social media, health, CRM virtualisation, and sustainability. The blog started out as a general-interest technology site in 1991. ZDNet has since then been purchased by CNET Networks (in 2000) before being sold to CBS in 2008.


2CNET is a popular tech site featuring reviews, news, videos, how-to articles, and downloads on consumer technology and electronics. The site was founded in 1994 and purchased by CBS Interactive in 2008. CNET has numerous regional and language-based editions, including a Spanish-language edition and editions for Australia, UK, China, Germany, France, Japan, and Korea.

3.Digital Pulse

3.jpgDigital Pulse is professional services giant PwC’s Australian technology blog. PwC offers a range of services, including assurance services, tax advisory, and technology information. The blog itself covers many different topics, including retail and consumer trends, disruption, technology, innovation, digital marketing, social media, health service, mobile innovation, and cyber security.

4.Good Gear Guide

4The Good Gear Guide (formerly PCWorld Australia) is a popular blog on consumer technology goods. The guide covers everything from smartphones, gadgets, computers and tablets, to business tech equipment, cameras and home entertainment. The site offers product reviews, news, features, a gallery, roundups, and videos.

5.Digital Grog

5Digital Grog is a technology and software blog guide maintained by a blogger with the alias of JJ. It covers topical trends and tips on subjects such as WordPress, blogging, Bitcoin, and web development.

6.Ars Technica

6Ars Technica prides itself on appealing to “alpha geeks,” or IT professionals and technologists. The blog features the latest tech news, tech policy insights, news on tech and science advancements, gadget reviews, software, hardware, and anything tech related.
According to its “About” page, Ars Technica is committed to quality technology journalism, including in-depth articles on specific topics. In 2008, Ars Technica was purchased by Advance, the parent company of media corporation Conde Nast.


7Gizmag is a blog about emerging technologies. The site offers articles on technology topics that impact everything from aircraft and architecture to medical and mobile technology. It features reviews, news articles, and in-depth analyses.


8Techly is an Australian tech blog focused on accessible lifestyle tech news and visual tech coverage. The blog features opinion and news on anything from apps, gadgets, and gaming to mobile, crowdfunding, and social media.


9Gigaom is a San Francisco-based blog that’s focused on emerging technologies, disruptive companies, and other tech trends. Key topics covered include Apple news, cloud, data, media, mobile, science and technology, and social and web news. The blog also features in-depth research articles by analysts in the industry.

In addition to the blog, Gigaom hosts special tech events such as the Gigaom Roadmap and Gigaom Structure Connect.


10TechCrunch is a tech-news site focused on tech companies of all sizes. Founded in 2005, the blog quickly grew in popularity and was eventually sold to AOL for tens of millions of dollars. TechCrunch continues to provide the latest information and news on start-up companies, products, and players in the tech industry.


11Computer World covers a wide variety of tech topics. These include smartphones, tablets, software, operating systems, mobile technology, data, and technology companies. Computerworld also organises tech events and conferences.

12.IT Business Edge

12IT Business Edge is a notable B2B tech blog operated by Quinstreet Enterprise. The blog is directed at IT decision makers, tech buyers, tech strategists and developers, and business decision makers. It offers tips and news on business alignment and management, infrastructure, mobile technology, security, and many other topics relevant to management staff.