NBN’s wider nationwide coverage


NBN is now available outside the major cities and regions of Australia: the rural, regional, remote, outback, and offshore locations. This has helped with the development of many new aspects of rural living, including education, business, telecommunicatio...Read more

NBN: An Investment in Fibre Optics and Future Broadband


Investing in the NBN has many facets. It is aimed at revenue generation, and also quality of service, and operational standards. Its main investors include the Federal Government, internal stakeholders, businessmen, retail service providers, and the commo...Read more

NBN’s Mixed Technology Future


Mixed Technology NBN has copper elements that may sound inappropriate for those who have pure fibre optic based connections. After all, this format (Fibre to the Node, HFC, et al), a combination of fibre and copper, is widely debated among NBN subscribers...Read more

When is NBN coming to my area?


The National Broadband Network is close to covering major cities and regions at just above 3 Million mark and counting. New territories from the rural and regional areas have also been added including Tasmania, Western Australia, The Southwest, parts of N...Read more

NBN Top Five Advertising Advantages


NBN may be the most suitable broadband format for modern advertising and business. When we speak of modern advertising, most of it is accessed through different devices and telecommunications: We have smartphones, smart gadgets, broadband TV, and computer...Read more

NBN Top Five Issues to Deal with


Getting the National Broadband Network to our premises may pose some challenges. These all depend on a few situations. Some of these issues can be spotted in its initial phase, even before installation has begun. We have to understand that complications c...Read more

Setting up an NBN retail service provider business


A Retail Service Provider is the most direct business one can set up from the National Broadband Network. The NBN is wholesale, and the only way to get it to your residence or business is through the retail level, where it becomes a commercial “product...Read more

NBN Fibre Optic Cables and Components


The National Broadband Network uses Fibre Optic Cable to deliver the country’s fastest and most reliable broadband internet. This broadband format is considered the most superior compared to all other existing current formats. It is used for all types o...Read more

Highlights of the NBN Annual Report 2015-2016


NBN Co.’s Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 2015 to 2016 marks their commitment to global quality standards in delivering the fastest and most reliable broadband service across Australia. The NBN is considered as the country’s biggest and most compreh...Read more

Top Five NBN practical applications

As more and more areas get connected to the NBN, we are seeing new movements and developments in many communities that aren’t directly related to internet use. Disparate fields such as advanced healthcare services, education, coastal and rural living ha...Read more