NBN and 5G – A Future together

The National Broadband Network uses LTE 4G technology for their Fixed Wireless and Satellite NBN formats. In the span of a few years, its next level, 5G was introduced, claiming 7GBps (Gigabit per second) speeds over a 100km/h rate, an improvement from an...Read more

NBN and Access Economy

Access is the new ownership. The National Broadband Network and Access Economy business model is just one of the new economic correlation-ships that have sprung in the digital and online market. It carries a unique economic model that allows properties an...Read more

FTTC with XG.Fast for the Future

NBN may have another ace (or two) in the pocket for Multi Mix NBN: FTTC, or Fibre to the Curb, used with XG.Fast technology. This is an important development for cases where either a pure fixed line NBN, or wireless format cannot be installed. It is also ...Read more

NBN Top Five Reasons it’s the ultimate broadband format


Many other broadband internet formats have been introduced to the ISP markets over the years: dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, Cable, 4G, and now fibre based broadband, or more commonly known locally as NBN, the National Broadband Network. Where many other older form...Read more

Top Five Business Phone Features

Business IP Phone

Having a smart business phone system with the right features will help improve customer service and all direct business communications. By getting a new one, or upgrading to one it also gives the company a more professional approach to all customer phone ...Read more

NBN’s wider nationwide coverage


NBN is now available outside the major cities and regions of Australia: the rural, regional, remote, outback, and offshore locations. This has helped with the development of many new aspects of rural living, including education, business, telecommunicatio...Read more

NBN: An Investment in Fibre Optics and Future Broadband


Investing in the NBN has many facets. It is aimed at revenue generation, and also quality of service, and operational standards. Its main investors include the Federal Government, internal stakeholders, businessmen, retail service providers, and the commo...Read more

NBN’s Mixed Technology Future


Mixed Technology NBN has copper elements that may sound inappropriate for those who have pure fibre optic based connections. After all, this format (Fibre to the Node, HFC, et al), a combination of fibre and copper, is widely debated among NBN subscribers...Read more

When is NBN coming to my area?


The National Broadband Network is close to covering major cities and regions at just above 3 Million mark and counting. New territories from the rural and regional areas have also been added including Tasmania, Western Australia, The Southwest, parts of N...Read more

NBN Top Five Advertising Advantages


NBN may be the most suitable broadband format for modern advertising and business. When we speak of modern advertising, most of it is accessed through different devices and telecommunications: We have smartphones, smart gadgets, broadband TV, and computer...Read more